Hannibalistic Tendencies
will graham  apéritif
royal-blooded whispered:
that ''gtfo out of my kitchen'' post has been making me laugh for the past 15 minutes thank you so much

oh my god i don’t know when this was sent i’m so sorry it happened to be like a week ago or a month ago you see i only sporadically check this blog and asks don’t show up…

BUT YES thank you im glad that it’s made you laugh <3 just don’t laugh too much because i don’t want your ribs or stomach to hurt or something D:

ill be completely honest and say that that post was made impulsively and it stemmed from when I was watching the show :’)

now when i go back to watch it i cant take the scene seriously bc i just quote my post aHAHAHA

thank you for dropping by!! please come again <3<3

He’s eating them.




so much of this show is just hannibal being all


80% of this show is Hannibal telling inside jokes with himself 

and he wonders how he’s lonely